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Step-By-Step Watercare Instructions


Step 1 - starting and filling your hot tub / spa

Starting and Filling Your Hot Tub

  1.  Add a stain and scale product to your spa water as you fill your hot tub with cold water.
  2. Once filled, turn power on, turn all pumps on full, and set desired temperature. Put chlorine tablets (Spa-Tabs) in dispenser, and add 1 tablespoon of granular chlorine (Chlor-Aid). Run all pumps on high speed with the cover open for 15 minutes, then close the cover and let water heat up.
  3. Once heated, add your weekly dose of AquaFinesse.
  4. The following day, add your weekly dose of Spa Perfect and rinse your spa filter(s). Use jet pressure.

Step 2 - Weekly maintenance

Weekly Maintenance

  1. Test your water and balance if required.
  2. Check and add chlorine tabs (Spa-Tabs) in your dispenser if needed.
  3. Add your weekly dose of AquaFinesse.
  4. Add your weekly dose of Spa Perfect (not on the same day as AquaFinesse).
  5. Rinse your filters with pressure every week. For best results, use a “filter floss” or an “aqua comb”
  Step 3 - Regular Maintenance and Useful Recommendations

Regular Maintenance and Useful Recommendations

  1. Soak your filters monthly using AquaFinesse Filter Cleaning Tablets. Rinsing is not enough, you need to soak them to remove oils, organic waste, and calcium.
  2. Make sure your spa filter cycles are set properly. Set and always keep on “standard mode”. Program a minimum of 8 hours per day, F4 or FIL4, see manual for details. Or if equipped with a 24 hour system, program accordingly, see manual for details.
  3. Drain 1 foot and refill every 3 months: Have your water tested before to know exactly how much to drain. It’s important to replenish your spa water regularly by draining and refilling. Repeat start up procedure each time you drain and refill. See start and fill section.
  4. Clean and drain your spa once per year: Before you drain your spa, we recommend you flush and clean the plumbing to ensure that all parts are cleaned from chemical build-up. For best results, use the AquaFinesse Spa Clean Tablet.

Step 4 - Testing Your Spa Water

Testing Your Spa Water

  1. Chlorine: Keep levels between 1 and 3. Use Spa-Tabs and/or Chlor-Aid to regulate.
  2. Alkalinity: Keep over 120 at all times. This means in the top 2 blocks on your test strips (180-240). To raise the alkalinity use Alka-Rise, 4 caps at a time and retest a few hours later. Repeat if required.
  3. PH: Keep over 7.4 at all times. If it’s low, it is usually caused by low Alkalinity. Adjust it first!
  4. Calcium: Keep over 150. Do not fill with soft water. If it’s below 150, have water tested and adjust.

Step 5 - Helpful tips and tricks

Helpful Tips and Tricks

  1. If your water is foaming/yellow/green/smelly, it’s usually caused by low chlorine. To repair the problem add 1 tablespoon of Chlor-Aid, turn pumps on high speed, and retest after 2 hours. Keep chlorine between 1 and 3. Fill floater with more chlorine pucks, add pucks more often, adjust floater.
  2. Cloudy water is usually caused by dirty/clogged filters. Rinse them weekly, with lots of pressure, and soak them in a cleaning solution more often.


Download a PDF version of the instructions:

Download a PDF Version