What Is AquaFinesse ? ? ? ?

AquaFinesse™ is a Revolution, an Evolution in water management and an easy to use One Step water care product for Hot Tubs/Spas and Swimming Pools.

Made from and very complex mixture of Inorganic Salts, coagulants and other environmentally friendly ingredients, it comes in liquid form for hot tubs, or in a puck form for swimming pools and swim-spas.

Adding one simple dose per week is all that is required to start cleaning your pool or spa from the inside out. What we mean is that the solution attacks the causes of water problems and by removing the causes, your water is less saturated, leaving it feeling almost silky and pure… the way water should be.

If you think you have clean water now, wait until you switch, it will feel Fantastic!


  • Environmentally Friendly: Ecological – not a harsh chemicals, pure and clean, safe for you and your lawn. (not an Enzyme!)
  • Easy, Quick and Convenient: The True One Step System.
  • Pure, Clean and Crystal Clear water.
  • Protects you and your Investment: AquaFinesse™ extends the life of your spa equipment up to 3 times longer than that of traditional products, removing biofilm, excess calcium build-up and existing lime scale deposit from your spa plumbing, pipes, jets, heater, etc.
  • Hygienic and safe: free of harmful chemicals, AquaFinesse™ cleans your spa from the inside out! It reconditioned both your spa water as well as the equipment by eliminating the threat of contamination and harmful effects on your health.
  • Proactive: AquaFinesse™ not only captures existing bacteria disposing it in the filter(s), but the proactive formula also prevents potential growth and further development of microorganisms.
  • Odor-Free: AquaFinesse™ is natural and odor-free, eliminating any lingering chemical odors left behind by harsh maintenance products.
  • Soft and safe on your skin: Tested by the World renown KEMA Institute, AquaFinesse™ not only softens your spa water but also your skin, leaving it soft, smooth and silky to the touch: unlike harsh products that can leave your skin dehydrated, feeling dry, itchy and fragile.

Calcium Problems

  • How many of you have seen your spinning jets not spin?
  • How many have had the most unpleasureable experience of cleaning calcium off the walls of your spa or pool when draining or refilling it?
  • The water line: that thick crust of calcium forming at water level, almost impossible to remove without scrubbing your spa to the point of scratching it.
  • Ever drained a concrete pool and seen the white powder all over the walls?
  • Ever had to replace your heater because it was completely covered in calcium and simply burned out!

AquaFinesse™ gets rid of calcium! In time, your spa equipment, plumbing and jets will be rid of this nasty calcium build up and will render your equipment more productive again. It won’t stop the damaged already caused but, it will certainly help your spa last much longer and will keep your new components looking new!

Say goodbye to that nasty water line with AquaFinesse™ and enjoy your spa once again.

(for those in super high calcium areas, we recommend soaking your filters with AquaFinesse™ Filter Cleaning Tablets on a monthly basis to remove excess calcium from your filter(s). and use a Stain & Scale Control when you first fill, in cold water.)

Clean Filters

Good filtration is the key to having clean water in all pools and spas. Knowing that cartridge filters filter 100 times better than sand, they are almost always the choice for building hot tubs and spas. Swimming pools are usually sold with sand filters but we recommend changing your swimming pool filter to cartridge if you want to stop unnecessary backwashing, save over 10,000 gallons of heated and treated water each year and, to obtain a much cleaner water in general.

For those of you with an existing spa, you have surely endured the long process of cleaning your filters. Switching to AquaFinesse™ will change the way you see filter cleaning. First of all, the solution will naturally help the break down of nasty build up of junk on filters and will actually make them function much better. Since AquaFinesse™ eliminates the need for harsh and damaging chemicals, your filters will actually last much longer.

Weekly rinsing followed by monthly use of our AquaFinesse™ Filter Cleaning Tablets is recommended to insure, promote and maximize 100% filtration while reducing the possible need for any other chemicals. So easy to use, our tablets will insure proper calcium and oil removal: simply drop 2 tablets in a 20 liter pail and let your filters soak for 1 hour! That’s it… no measuring, no soaking for 24 hours. One hour and that’s it!

Think about it… having clean water means using clean filters! If your vacuum bag is full, it just doesn’t work!

(One more tin bit of good news: we recommend the use of regular pleated filters over disposable ones. This allows you to clean and rinse them weekly instead of simply throwing them out. Not to mention that this will save you over $300.00 per year! Good job AquaFinesse™)

How it works

Until now, all maintenance products were made/invented to fix problems caused by contamination of the water by the bathers: bacteria, body oils, germs, calcium caused issues and it was necessary to use many different products to try to clean them up. Good examples are: using defoamer to remove foam caused by oils, Stain and Scale control to try to limit the amount of calcium build up, Salt Systems to try to keep the water from causing dry and itchy skin, Ph up and down, Alkalinity buffers and acids to balance the levels, etc. All along, because the technology wasn’t available, we tried to fix problems instead of removing them.

Most bacteria, introduced in the water phase by humans, stay in suspension and are killed from using high levels (3 to 5 ppm) of Bromine, Chlorine, Copper or many other biocides. But, the problem is that many others will attach themselves to surfaces and become Biofilm: a living and breathing microorganism that cannot be broken down with the low levels of biocide we use in hot tubs and swimming pool water. To do so, those levels would need to be significantly higher and impossible to sustain without harmful effects to humans. This would also cause serious damage your pool and spa equipment and have huge side effects to the environment.

Knowing that this is the major cause of all water problems, the AquaFinesse™ Team developed a formula that simply breaks down Biofilm and Calcium and removes them. By adding AquaFinesse™ weekly to your spa or swimming pool, the solution will immediately start to remove these formations inside the plumbing & on all surfaces while at the same time, remove new bacteria, calcium, body oils, organic contaminants and will simply coagulate them and flush it all in the filter(s).

Now that the cleaning is done, less sanitizer is required.  This slows down the negative effects of having too much Chlorine or Bromine and keep your water sanitized. Rinsing your filter/s weekly will remove and flush everything out.

A very complex product with a very simple task: removing the causes of all water issues, leaving your water Clean, Clear and Pure instead of a very hard to manage chemical soup!

Do yourself a favor and try AquaFinesse™ today!

Why Chlorine?

Chlorine is still by far the best and cheapest way to sanitize your water. Available in liquid, powder, crystals and puck form, it’s easy to manage and most quality products will dissolve almost completely leaving very little chloramines in the water phase. Since most users only require 1 or 2 tablets at a time, the levels are much lower with less side effects on your skin and equipment.  As an added benefit, the AquaFinesse™ special formula eliminates having to shock weekly.

Knowing that most cities use chlorine to keep your drinking water safe, we are quite happy to promote and use it with the AquaFinesse™ system.

(Remember that Health Canada and the National Pool & Spa Institute recommend keeping a level of chlorine of 1.5 ppm in all swimming pools and spa waters)

Save Your Spa/Pool

95% of all service calls on hot tubs and swimming pools are directly related to water chemistry. Even the most religious consumers when it comes to having the water tested and balanced have had to replace components and spend money fixing something that could have been prevented.

Did you ever ask yourself what is in a bottle of Ph Reducer?

We see this and hear of this everyday: consumers keep adding ph reducer to their spa water without knowing that they are pouring Acid by the caps full every week, sometimes every day. They don’t realize that they are the ones destroying their hot tubs. Acid mixed with the high jet pressure will eat away your jets, destroy your head rests, make your spa cover waterlogged, eat away heaters and heat exchangers, pump seals and o’rings and drives the Alkalinity of the water way to low to the point that they can’t even breathe when in their hot tub.

For most consumers using AquaFinesse™ the use of balancing products is practically eliminated. Since we take care of the causes, we don’t need to worry about using acids in order to fight calcium problems. In time, jets, plumbing, heaters and practically all of the spa equipment will be cleaned and rid of calcium buildup and biofilm.

Protect your investment don’t destroy it! Start using AquaFinesse™ today and see the results for yourself.

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